1. On the Milnor Monodromy of the Exceptional Reflection Arrangement of Type $G_{31}$

  • Alexandru Dimca Universit\'e C\^ ote d'Azur, CNRS, LJAD, France
  • Gabriel Sticlaru Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Ovidius University, 900527 Constanta, Romania
Keywords: Milnor fiber, complex reflection group, hyperplane arrangement, monodromy


Combining recent results by A. M\u acinic, S. Papadima and R. Popescu with a spectral sequence and computer aided computations, we determine the monodromy action on $H^1(F,\C)$, where $F$ denotes the Milnor fiber of the hyperplane arrangement associated to the exceptional irreducible complex reflection group $G_{31}$. This completes the description given by the first author of such monodromy operators for all the other irreducible complex reflection groups.


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