From 17th of November all new submissions will be handled via the new editorial system EditFlow. For information on new submissons please refer to the "For Authors" page as well as the Author Guidelines.


For manuscripts already submitted before this date, nothing will change in the workflow. The necessary instructions and files for the style sheet and the copyright notice can be found below:

During the production process you will be asked to submit a single final LaTeX version incl. references in DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA style (for details see below)

Technical advice: Please make sure that file names of files you upload do not contain any spaces.

The manuscripts will be refereed by anonymous referees.

Accepted manuscripts will be published after the authors have transferred the right of distribution to
DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA (Author Agreement). Please fill in this agreement and send as print or as scan to the following address:

FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure
Sabrina Eck
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen



Style requirements
Accepted manuscripts should be prepared by the authors by means of the following DOCUMENTA style file.

Documenta-LaTeX 2e-Style

For this, please observe the following. The style file should be down-loaded to your computer and prepended to your
manuscript. The hints given in the style file should also be observed. In particular, you have to fill in title, name(s)
and address(es) of the author(s) as well as some other data into the style file. In the layout of the journal small capital fonts are used, which are named cmcsc*, cccsc* in LaTeX.
If your local LaTeX installation does not have these you can down-load them by clicking at small capital fonts (.tar.gz, 823 K).
You have to install them afterwards. Here are the small capital fonts, uncompressed (.tar, 1045 K).
Here is an example of a source file and the corresponding output:

Please submit only one single LaTeX file with all information included (e.g. references).
The manuscript should contain an abstract with appropriate Mathematical Subject Classifications 2020.
Accepted manuscripts will be published on the journals website in eLibM.

Creating an Erratum
Authors are encouraged to report errors to be corrected. Errata will be published as a separate article in the printed journal and linked back to the original manuscript electronically via DOI.
The Editors make all decisions on whether errata are published and each erratum undergoes a review process.
The erratum should be submitted to DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA in the same way as a new manuscript submission. Please enter the same bibliographic information as for the original article.
Please add the prefix "Erratum for" to the title of the article and place the following title of the original article in inverted commas. As subtitle, please enter the publication information of the original article in the following form: Cf. Documenta Mathematica, vol. XX (20XX), p. XX-XX. If the original article has a DOI, please also add this information (introduced by the phrase "DOI:").