Managing Editors:
Christian Bär, Universität Potsdam Differential Geometry, Global Analysis, Mathematical Physics
Henning Krause, Universität Bielefeld Representation Theory of Algebras, Homological Algebra
Otmar Venjakob, Universität Heidelberg Number Theory, Iwasawa Theory, Completed Group Algebras
Dan Ciubotaru, University of Oxford Representation Theory of Hecke Algebras / Reductive Lie Groups
Patrick Delorme, Université d'Aix-Marseille Harmonic Analysis on Reductive Groups
Gavril Farkas, HU Berlin Algebraic Geometry
Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer, Université Paris Est Créteil Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Thomas Geisser, Rikkyo University, Tokyo Algebraic K-theory, Algebraic Cycles, Arithmetic Geometry
Mike Hill, University of California, Los Angeles Algebraic Topology, Homotopy Theory, Category Theory
Max Karoubi, Université Paris Diderot- Paris 7 K-Theory and Algebraic Topology
Nikita Karpenko, University of Alberta Algebraic Groups, Galois Cohomology, Algebraic Cycles
Chandrashekhar Khare, University of California, Los Angeles Number Theory and Automorphic Forms
Alfred K. Louis, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken Inverse Problems, Local Methods for Global Problems, Wavelets, Industrial Mathematics
Eckhard Meinrenken, University of Toronto Differential Geometry, Lie Theory, Mathematical Physics
Mihai Paun, Universität Bayreuth Complex Analysis and Geometry
Julia Pevtsova, University of Washington Modular Representation Theory and Cohomology
Michael Rathjen, University of Leeds Mathematical Logics
Ulf Rehmann, Universität Bielefeld Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures
Takeshi Saito, University of Tokyo Arithmetic Geometry
Heinz Siedentop, LMU München Analysis / Mathematical Physics
Roland Speicher, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken Functional Analysis, Probability Theory
Stefan Teufel, Universität Tübingen Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Semiclassical Analysis
Burkhard Wilking, WWU Münster Differential Geometry
Wilhelm Winter, WWU Münster Operator Algebras and Noncommutative Geometry